Open letter to PM.

I am a normal 18 year old engineering student from a middle class family who now studies in a private institution. I have some concerns, for which I would like to talk to you about.
Sir, when you came up in 2014 as a PM Candidate in the general LokSabha elections you showed us a new India. This India was something like we have never ever seen or me myself never imagined. You showed us all we wanted, a better lifestyle for each and every Indian citizen. I too worshipped you as a great leader and a role model.
But now, I think you didn’t did everything you said. You said to get all the black money out of the Swiss bank (in 100 days) ,sadly you didn’t. Also, you said for no corruption, ‘Ek Sar ke badle das Sar’ and many other thing that each Indian citizen ever dreamt of. This was all that Congress Government didn’t do. The Congress government was full of corruption,Indians weren’t happy about that and you used it.
Now I would like to tell you about things with which I am not happy with your government.
1. The first and the foremost thing is, I congratulate for the surgical strike that indeed proved to be a right answer to Pakistan. You ordered. I congratulate you for that, but lastly it was all the army’s work. Your Party-workers projected it as an agenda for getting votes in the different assembly elections.
2.Whenever you and your party goes for campaigning,you do not ask votes for what you did (mostly).Rather, you say that party is corrupt,that is that, so give vote to BJP.
3.You always say that congress supremo and most of the leaders are corrupt. Yes indeed they are,so you have majority in the LokSabha why can’t you just file a case against them?
4.In the demonetisation, nearly 150 people lost their lives, any reaction on that?
5.The economy is stagnant,then how jobs are increased? No new industries in my district or I must say not in my area.
6.The ganga action plan is of no use, as the river remains the same.
7. As a student,I always fear that how we (so many people,that the word ‘we’ appears to be small) could be consumed in the industries? For that you said that we would provide 2 Crores of Jobs every year, I can’t see anything such.
Apart from all this discussion I would really like to congratulate for-:

1. You have given a great position to our country in the world.Your foreign tours made the world know what India is, and India can be a new major power in the World.

2.The second thing is, your government made our army a lot better. The Indian army wasn’t that this much strong in the previous government. Now we are all equipped with latest equipments and war-machines.Thank you for that. 🙂

Best of luck for the elections in 2017.

Kushagra Bisen

Featured Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle India.



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