What if Hitler Won WWII?

WWII was fought in between the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis powers were Germany, Italy and Japan, whereas the Allies were Britain, France,Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America. India wasn’t a free country at that time so we had to support along with all the commonwealth countries to Britain.

Hitler was a very important personality in this war,as the total ideologies and the war strategies were mostly discussed by him. Mussolini, who was the leader of the facist parties in Italy was also standing with him.

The biggest question for which everyone is pondering since the second world war was over that : “What if the allied forces lost?”;”What if Hitler came into power?”

Here in this post I’ll tell you that what would have happened if Hitler came into power.

1.The Europe would be totally ruled by the Nazi Party, Germany would have been more big and also Mussolini was there in the the Axis Powers, Italy would have been more stronger and powerful.

2. Hitler would have moved to gain more power and thus to conquer the USSR.

3. The immediate effect was to capture Winston Churchill,either murder him or they would have put him into a jail.

4.Then there would have been only two superpowers in the world, USA and Germany.

5.He always believed in the ‘Survival of the fittest’, so there was a chance that there would have been no Jew in the total Nazi area.

6.He would have attacked one of the countries in the middle east to get the oil supply.

7.At a point when Germany is the biggest superpower,they could have started the Internet, Smartphones and other scientific achievements like space expeditions.

8.When Japan declared war against the USA, it provoked USA to nuke japan,thus USA becoming the first country to nuke any other country. If Japan wouldn’t have declared war,USA wouldn’t had nuked them. Germany was working for such nuclear powers from back in 1939. So they would have been the first country to nuke any other country.

The main problem would have been in choosing the successor of this great superpower,which would have been a great delight to see.

Also, their dictatorship could have been ended up by public uprisings, which happened in Africa.

It is 0300 hrs here in India and I am feeling very sleepy,if I had done any mistake write it down on the comment box.

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