Is Time Travel Possible?

Time Travel is the thing of which we don’t think it is possible or else we think that it is only possible in science fiction. But yes, Time Travel is possible.

I will here talk about two things, first will be how scientifically we can travel time and the next thing will be that how there have been some instances where people CLAIM that they have travelled/experienced time travel.

So, we can travel time by various ways:

1.Increasing our SPEED:

We are all time travellers,where we travel by the speed of one hour per hour,but this rate can be altered when we change our speed.

According to the Theory of relatively, if we travel by the speed of light the time for US is slow as compared to the outside world which is at a normal speed. This isn’t just a theory but it is proved too. Using twin atomic clocks (one flown in a jet aircraft, the other stationary on Earth) physicists have shown that a flying clock ticks slower, because of its speed. Once we increase our speed, we have more extreme time travel experience.


According to the theory of general relativity, the stronger the gravity you feel, the slower time moves. So if we increase the gravitational pull, the time will be slower. But our body should be able to bear up with that gravitational pull.


Wormholes are the ‘passages in time’ They are interconnections in between different space-times. These wormholes can be anywhere,they just make you pass through them and also make you to feel time travel. There have been various cases for time travelling through the Wormholes.

4.Using LIGHT:

It can be done by using a rotating cylinder of light to twist space-time. Anything dropped inside the swirling cylinder could theoretically be dragged around in space and in time, in a similar way to how a bubble runs around on top your coffee after you swirl it with a spoon.

The right geometry could lead to time travel into either the past and the future.

Also,it is difficult to travel to travel to the past because,once you reach there you are in a different space and time. At that time no time machines weren’t made,so you wouldn’t be able to come back. But in that case WormHoles come up with the possibility of travelling through to the past also.

There were  various real life cases of time travel:

  1. A pilot was once travelling through a wild and bad weather and then suddenly the weather became clear and then on the runway the planes were not as they were. Their colour was yellow and the pilots were wearing blue coloured uniforms. He didn’t land there because he didn’t saw that as safe. Then after 4 years, the colour of the planes and the uniforms were same. HE then assumed he travelled through a WORMHOLE.
  2. A man while walking through his living room claimed that he time-travelled and met ‘himself’ after 20 years,they had a talk and then he came back.
  3. The Philadelphia experiment, of which I’ll talk in detail in the next Blog Post.

Time Travel is always was possible, wormholes were always there. The men from future have been coming back to see us.

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