When ‘Marriage meets Money’

Prenuptial agreement is an agreement between two people who are about to marry. It doesn’t depends upon your gender i.e it can be validated for both kind of couples. Gay couples along with lesbian couples can  sign on this agreement on the behalf of the mutual understanding in between the couple.

Marriage fail? This is so common in today’s world. People ranging from famous actors to normal people, everyone suffers from problems in marriages. Back then in the 1990s society was less complicated.There was head in each family of which people listened to what they spoke. Also,there were less marriage fails. Divorce was a term which was heard in distant relations. But now, people moreover focus on their self-esteem rather than to focus on their relation. All they do is to file for divorce.

There are various reasons for which people file for divorce.

  1. They must have got someone else for the love thing.
  2. They must have been too sick of each other,so they decide to move out.
  3. MONEY!

Yes! It is a sad reality of our society but people do see money after divorce. Consider a man who invested his total hard work to set up a company and eventually became rich too. All the mistake he did was that he divorced his wife after a serious fight. He lost half of all what he had to his name, for the sake of the well being of the girl. For her to live well. But can’t you see what could have happened?

She could have got into another relation,cheated on her husband,got a divorce and money,then lived happily with her affair.

Is this not  a possibility?

To give another gender equal rights,we’re providing them something of which they can use in a bad way!

Now let me go back to prenuptial agreement, although this isn’t valid in India. It is very important to make them into use.

Before marriage , couples sign this agreement which states that if the marriage breaks,both of them can move out of the relation with their share of the property! No one takes something what doesn’t belongs to them! Everyone is happy!

India definitely needs to make this into use, otherwise we may lead to a large domestic chaos. No-one is for 7 ‘janam‘ and all that shit!

When ‘marriage meets money’ anyone can say “Fuck off!” and leave. ‘7 janam?’ 

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