Why I don’t like Bollywood?




Bollywood, a place which holds dreams as well as sorrows of many. Majority of the people who come here return with shattered dreams. I think it would be clear from the heading that here, I’ll discuss about why i don’t like bollywood or mostly why I don’t like their movies.

There are certain movies which should be appreciated, but they do bad at the B.O.(Box Office).


The question arises why?

Bollywood is home of arts.The art of filmmaking should be appreciated. People here only worship the art of money making.


Let me explain by giving an example,


Today,I was watching ‘Kapoor and Sons’, I was anticipating that the movie would be regular timepass movie, there will be a love triangle among the lead actors. Also,the trailer and songs like ‘Kar gayi chull’ and ‘bolna’ were showing that only. The real message and the story was hidden underneath these things. I will say it was a great movie also with a great message, it still makes me concern that why do great movies need love and a great party song to earn?

There are several things, which I’ll discuss in detail.


1. Party Song>>>Story:


Why? Why do we need a party song in each and every movie? When original content goes low,

We start to copy hit songs from other industries. There are various songs which are directly copied from hollywood,mexican songs,korean songs and other international songs.

Music directors like Pritam just need a high speed internet connection for their work.

2.Same cliche story:


Boy meets girl.They talk.They party.Party song comes.Ends.Girl’s brother sends ‘gundas’.Hero beats them all.They live happily.Romantic song(mah boi arijit steals the show here).Ends.



3.Whenever someone comes up with a new and a great Idea, no one goes to watch them.Why? Because there is no LOVE! CUTE GIRLS in the movie!

Movies like FAN,Ra.One,anurag kashyap’s thrillers don’t do well at B.O. If you’ve seen the making of Ra.One at discovery,you know that it was actually a great movie,but sadly tried something new.


4.Increasing adult comedy and love-making scenes.


Can a hit movie be completed without having a love making scene or a bikini scene of the lead actress? There may be some, but sadly they are few.


5.We are trying to become Hollywood, which we shouldn’t be.


6.Starkids. ‘huh!’ -_-


7.I WANT SUPERHERO MOVIES IN INDIA! Also,without a pretty. Just core comics!

We had a good heritage of superheros from ‘Pran’ and ‘Raj’ comics. They can prove to be a great entertainer!

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