What if Superman landed in India?

SuperMan, or the Kryptonian alien or Kal-El is a superhero who landed on earth after his planet Krypton was destroyed. He would be a normal man their in Krypton, but when he came to earth, due to the difference in atmospheric conditions he got amazing superpowers. He had some difficulty in the beginning in adjusting but after he mastered it,he became the ultimate man, or the superman.

As in the DC Comics,Superman landed in Kansas. He was found as a small baby by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. And Kal-El became Clark Kent.

But what if Superman landed in India? Let us suppose somewhere in U.P?

These series of events would have happened (as far as I think.)

  1. He would have started showing some supernatural powers, many including his parents would have considered him as an “Avatar” of some Hindu God. They may even start worshipping him.
  2. Growing up will be similar, he will also have a tough life. He would be taught to resist the bullies.
  3. Growing Up! : He goes to school everyday. Carries his 10kg backpack and wonders why other kids are complaining about their bags? He is made to study for JEE/NEET for a better future.  Then after sometime, like everyone he migrated to a bigger city (Not metropolis)
  4. When India is attacked by Kryptonians like ZOD, people will consider that they came from the sky, thus they are Gods! There would be violence in our country and the political parties will take stand on whether India needs superman or not?
  5. As superman is able to fight with different weapons like Nuclear weapons, world will see India as a great country in the terms of strength.
  6. Some countries will try to make weapons which can beat the superman, just in case Superman goes out of his mind, or is controlled by some magical forces. Or just use a kryptonite.
  7. People will worship him as God! He’ll be there when the India needs him
  8. But,India is a big country. Superman will have heavy workload
  9. When superman fights, there will be huge amount of loss to the public property.
  10. He would not be able to hide his real identity, Aunties can say, “Are Pushpa, Ye to wahi ladka hai jo udtaa hai! “
  11. He will be forced to have marriage(arranged mostly,no Lois Lane here) and have kids.
  12. He will become a great celebrity, and people will invite him for “Mundan-Grih Pravesh”, eventually after thousands of selfies he will know how to pose.
  13. When he’ll be invited to Barely speaking with Arnub, he’ll get mad. Will Arnub fear of his superpowers? NO! He’ll say, “Mr.Superman,When are you going to declare that you’re conspiring against India?”

Superman will say, “Kya chutiyapa hai! :(“ (Remember,he’s an Indian)

14. He will be the one who will break the record of the longest Six in IPL! Or, will the Bat Break?

What do you people think?

Write it down in the comments section.

And Sharing is Caring!




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