The Macbook Air(2017)

The Macbook Air 2017


The Macbook stands for it’s name.The build quality is amazing, also battery life is pretty good for the macbook.
Here we wil talk about the Macbook air, which was originally launched in 2010.

So,what does the new Macbook Air has?

I’m considering macbooks now because windows is very slow if you gave a low end laptop.I’m currently
using a Toshiba Machine with 4th generation i5 processor.I was using Windows 10 but since it became prone to viruses and the antivirus was costly,
I switched to the safe and cheap side. i.e. Ubuntu 16.04

Now, with the new macbook; you’ve 5th generation i5 processor and 8GB RAM. The 128GB SSD makes it boot up in seconds.
The macbook is pretty light and gives around 9hrs of battery backup.It doesn’t has any dedicated graphic card and hence it runs on Intel Integrated Graphic card 6000.
The MacOS is pretty amazing.

You can get this macbook at around 44k using Paytm. Pretty nice deal for that price, after considering the build quality and battery backup.


The only bad thing which I don’t like about the macbook is that it gives the same old 1440×900 resolution, which is still stuck in the past, like the 2010s

You can buy it from Paytm



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