How do I deal with Fake Feminism at a public place?

The major problem is with the blind people who just support the girls for nothing.

I was travelling in train with my friend,we both slept in the evening so we were all awake for the night. So,if you’re in AC3 and have decided not to sleep till 0300hrs, What will you do?

We were standing near the toilets because it was the only place in the coach where we can just chill out. We didn’t knew there was a girl in there. Or if there was a girl, if we aren’t doing anything objectionable; why should we bother?

Then suddenly a guy comes and bursts at us and says that you were doing bad things with the girl.

We just said, “Tell us what we were doing, and then we’ll talk.”

He wasn’t stopping, he made the whole coach awake at around 0100hrs.

I’ve anxiety for yelling and all, and I found myself uncomfortable. I went to my bed that time.

My friend was angry, he was dealing with that goon.

Suddenly that girl came out of the toilet and said, “Kya hua?//What happened?”

Then this pro-feminist guy was ashamed, everyone was saying that the girl isn’t objecting and what is wrong with you?

We both called the railway police against each other, and the matter was resolved.

What I don’t like is:

If a girl objects and takes a stand, then we should hear both of the people and resolve the thing.

What we do is Blame the Male, as all men are dogs right? This is what you girls say,huh?

Blaming the male without listening to what he says is like: “Blaming the fat guy of your group when someone farts

Men are considered guilty until proven innocent and women are considered innocent until proven guilty?

DO we have gender equality?

An upvote will be highly appreciated.

-Kushagra Bisen


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