I was wondering…

Today, I saw a post on my Facebook wall. In that post a friend was saying that we shouldn’t blame the government of something serious happens to the girls. He was raising questions like: Why do girls need to go out in night?

He was also saying that you should remember that Cats are around and you should behave like a mouse and protect yourself.

What I would like to say is:

  • There’s no rule that girls can’t roam around in night. If such rule was there and I didn’t knew of, after knowing I’ll seriously packing up to leave this country.
  • Who decides who are ‘Cats’? Why are they given the veto power? 
  • The man raised a point that most of the girls roam around in night to drink/party. I would like to say that it is their life, you can’t control them. After a harsh week everyone deserves to relax and make themselves feel comfortable. This can be done in their own ways. You can’t regulate or control this. This isn’t north Korea.
  • Girls shouldn’t roam around because it isn’t our culture,What is our culture then? Sati Pratha? 
  • One of the comments said that, Sati Pratha isn’t Hindu Culture; it was originated by Mughals who raped the womens after their husbands dies. See this theory is all bullshit, as it doesn’t has any proof. Also, you’ve a great culture if you burn your daughter after her husband dies to protect her? Why the hell will you do such? This thing really fucked my mind.

We had a tradition of arranged marriages, are they good? No!

  • The girls and boys don’t know whom they are going to marry! Things are better today; today the couple talks to one another, knows what they like or do not, then they say yes/no. But then no one knew their soulmate. Then there are pressures of child bearing and all, isn’t that rape if the girl didn’t wanted to marry and was forced to?

What I’ll like to say is that it is easy to blame others for our faults; all we need is to take stand for what happened bad to our culture.

Feel free to comment.

-Kushagra Bisen.


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